JOG Week

Yarmouth Race Report 2018

30 May 2018

Just So. Class 4

What a fantastic weekend!

Didn’t look that promising though as we left Lymington on Saturday morning in thick fog with less than a knot of wind! But we were told by our crew that it was sunny in Southampton and as the fog gradually cleared we could see a few thermal clouds over the mainland. Our race officers waited and set a very sensible short course. The first leg was downtide on a beat and then it was round Prince Consort, up with the kite and off towards the mainland shore so that we could get the first of the turning tide. As the wind dropped, we changed to the code 0. There was a hole at Lepe Spit that we couldn’t avoid, but the tide was already positive there and we managed to drift past. The new wind from the SW was off Beaulieu and we managed to get into it, having dropped the 0 and  gone to jib. Then a beat in the shallows towards Lymington, then across and to the finish.

Although Sunday morning was misty, there was some wind from the start, if not much. Our start wasn’t great and another J/109, Moontiger was well ahead, as was Mostly Harmless. The wind was all over the place, veering by more than 30 degrees and seemed to be in bands. What started as a fetch, became a beat and we had a great battle, tacking on the shifts, trying to catch the others. We made some ground, but then lost it again several times. The wind on the Bramble bank was SSE whilst we still had it N of E. Will decided to go South of the Brambles, but NJOS ahead had gone North. After a couple of “Are you sure there’s enough water, Will ”s, despite the fact that we were following Moontiger, we cleared them and hoisted the trusty 0. At Hill Head we dropped and then re-hoisted the zero, then peeled to the kite as we were freed and the wind dropped a bit. Will went for the back-eddy off Cowes and we managed to finish just behind NJOS and ahead of Elaine, but it was very close and we didn’t think that we were close enough to NJOS, but we were!

Thanks to all our race officers who set great courses in difficult conditions.


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