JOG Week

ISAF Regulation 20 Advertising Code

27 June 2017

The Committee wish to remind all Competitors of the following:

1) The Junior Offshore Group race under ISAF Regulation 20 Advertising Code (formally Category A, No Advertising)

Yachts shall comply with ISAF (RRS) Regulation 20. 5 .1 - 20.6.3 & IRC Part D. Advertising not permitted.

Advertising on your yacht is not permitted and the name of a Yacht shall not promote a commercial enterprise.

The code defines advertising as "the name, logo, slogan, description, depiction, a variation or distortion thereof or any other form of communication that promotes an organisation, person, product, service, brand or idea so as to call attention to it or to persuade persons or organisations to buy, approve or otherwise support it".


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