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2020 Season Update

04 August 2020

Crew numbers and programme to the end of the season. The Secretary’s update

JOG has led the way with an emphatically successful return to racing, post the Covid Pandemic lockdown, with two well supported coastal races, both of which having a careful regard to health and safety guidelines. Our stated position has been one of caution for our members and the wider community. Whilst we have all seen the rapidly changing scene with Government guidelines and relaxations we now have significant clarification from the RYA who have sought more detailed responses on our behalf. In the sparse few weeks since our Lonely Tower race, the following paper has been circulated by the RYA. Please take a few minutes to follow the link and have a proper read as it is shedding new light on the opportunities to race with somewhat bigger crews.

In the light of this new guidance, and with due regard to what is clearly happening elsewhere, it has been decided to further relax our restrictions to allow a similar number as adopted by other notable clubs, that is to say a maximum number of 6 on board or 2/3rds of the IRC certificate crew numbers, (rounded down where applicable) whichever is the least. This will be our new mandated position unless there are further changes required by Government agencies or our own sailing authorities.

We do wish to emphasise that these are absolute maximums which may not be appropriate for all. Skippers should have due regard to the guidance provided in the link above as well as personal views on vulnerability, disease transmission and all the associated risks. It is most definitely up to each skipper to manage this and to observe and enforce appropriate social distancing in accordance with this document and common sense. In many cases, a non-family group of 5/6 will be deemed excessive on board although, possibly, easier to accommodate on the bigger vessels.

The new details will apply to the Home Ports Regatta and the remaining races for the season.

We have also amended the remaining Programme as follows:

29/30th Aug.    Home Ports Regatta as published.

5th Sept.          Cowes-Owers-Cowes to replace Poole and back weekend. SI’s will be published soon.

19th Sept          Day Coastal race to replace Cherbourg. SI’s will be published soon.

3/4th Oct          Date to be deleted.

We are sad indeed to lose some well established events but, clearly, the opportunity to plan social gatherings and offshore, overnight, racing has conflicted with the practical needs of keeping everyone safe!

Martin Banfield, JOG Secretary


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