JOG Week

New Season, new classes and JOG evolution

09 December 2019

The AGM and Dinner Dance brought the Captain’s announcement for some changes to our racing next year. The aim is to align fleet numbers in each class so that we have more competitive groupings, particularly for our offshore racing. We have also decided to re-brand our, now rather historically organised, classes to a more understandable and conventional 1/2/3! When JOG was formed our original class structure followed naturally from the classes in place with other clubs but are not so appropriate today! You will need to buy new class flags before the start of next season. Something for the Christmas list!

The new class bands for 2020 will be:
Class 1: 1.012 to 1.200 *
Class 2: .970 to 1.011 *
Class 3: 0 to .0969

MyJOG has been updated to reflect these changes, you can view your new class by looking at your boat details.

We have also decided to drop the use of most of the flags at race starts. The red and green flags, postponement and extended line flag will continue to be used but as it is apparent that on board timing systems are the main point of reference, we can save a pair of hands in the race box by making these changes. VHF announcements will, of course, be used where appropriate and all the changes will be in the Sailing Instructions next year.

The Captain, Flag Officers, Committee and Secretary wish you all a great Christmas and New Year and are looking forward to the new season.

*Amended on 06/03/2020 


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