JOG Week

Webinar Series Episode 2

25 November 2020

JOG Webinar Series Episode 2 Sails and Ratings Recording

You can now view the recording of webinar below:

The Live Questions and answers can be seen by downloading the following pdf:

IRC Ratings:  

The IRC process:
How to smoothly get an IRC certificate and short handed certificate
Upcoming IRC rule changes in 2021 on headsails and poles
Pointers to get the best from your IRC rating  

Dr Jason Smithwick (Director of Rating RORC Rating Office @RORC Rating Office)
Jason has a doctorate in Naval Architecture and continued working at Southampton University, as a Principal Engineer & Software Manager. He was Technical and Offshore Director at sailing's international federation, known today as World Sailing.

Making the most of your current sails: 

How to optimise your sails for easier manoeuvres/ shorthanded sailing
Sails to cover a wider range of conditions
Optimising your sails for better ratings

Kevin Sproul (Owner and Technical Director at Ultimate Sails @Ultimate Sails)
Kevin has been in sail making for over 30years. As a sought after tactician and helm, Kevin has been successful nationally and internationally winning multiple World, European and National Championships in One designs such as the Swan 45, Farr 40, Soto 40, J111, Mumm 30, Melges 24 and J80’s

Sail Care and Repairs: 

How to make your sails last longer and Sail repairs

Nicky Octon (Owner @NJO Sails Ltd)

Nicky worked for Doyle’s sails for 14 years before taking over their former loft at Shamrock Quay. NJO sails provides high quality sails and sail repairs.

JOG 2021 Racing Calendar

Kate Cope, JOG Committee and Webinar Host


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