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JOG News July 2018

01 July 2018

The following news items are updates from the June Committee meeting.

New website. The JOG website has now been running since December last year and whilst we have had a lot of positive feedback from Club Members and other clubs, we are acutely aware that some aspects of the site need refining. Rob Hillman has taken in a number of suggestions for improvements from members and a working group will be looking to bundle any changes into a couple of release packages that we can get our developers working on over the winter. 

2018 Programme. Compared to 2016 and 2017 this year has seen an overall increase in racing numbers. The offshore races especially have been well supported. The club has been very lucky to attract good sponsorship and as a result the postrace events have been well funded.

JOG Week:The Club is lucky to have a proactive sponsor, The Portal Company for “The Portal Company JOG week” and excellent support from the RDYC who will be running the racing for the week. Support sponsorship is now in place from Salcombe Brewery, Dean & Readyhoff, Plymouth Yacht Haven, Dartmouth Chandlery and now Chatham Shoes. More details can be viewed on

2019 & 2020 Programme. The 2019 programme is broadly in place and JOG has shared the programme with local clubs. 2020 will be JOG’s 70 anniversary of racing and a special programme for the season is currently being planned 

AIS. Most JOG Cat 3 boats are now equipped with AIS capable of transmitting. RORC have adopted AIS Tx Rx as mandatory in order to compete in their CAT 3 and below races. JOG is out of step with their  recommendation for AIS Tx Rx for all CAT 3 races. It is proposed that JOG will adopt the same standard as RORC in 2019 for CAT 3 races.

RORC NoR etc: Automatic Identification System (AIS) Boats shall carry an AIS Transponder in all Offshore Races. See OSR 3.29.1. Competitors shall ensure that the racing name of the boat is transmitted rather than just the MMSI number. Competitors shall use their best endeavours to ensure that their AIS Transponder is switched on (i.e. transmitting and receiving) at least every 5 minutes during Offshore Races.

The Cost of an AIS installation has come down since they were first introduced and a simple standalone unit can be purchased for a price of £273

2018 AGM and JOG BALL.  The venue for this year’s JOG Ball boasts excellent media facilities.
Safety Tethers. 
Crew should have either 2 separate tethers 1 @ 2m and the other @ 1m length or an integrated 3 point tether with 1 @ 2m strops. The material should have inbuilt strain overload markers.
Sail Numbers. Please ensure that your sail numbers are of a sufficient contrasting colour in order that shore side race officers can spot you. If your vessel cannot be identified it will result in a DNS or DNF. Examples are Blue numbers on Black sails and some of the darker Reds on Black sails are difficult to spot.

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