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Cyclops Marine Sponsor Home Ports Regatta

16 August 2020

The Junior Offshore Group announce Cyclope Marine as the title sponsor for The Home Ports Regatta.

Get the edge on the competition at the JOG Home Ports Regatta 2020

Save time on boat set up and hit the fast setting first time every time, with smarttune and smartlink from Cyclops Marine.

smarttune and smartlink are new kids on the block when it comes to wireless load sensors. They bring America’s Cup technology to ordinary sailors and give the edge with repeatable settings which help find and maintain superior speeds. 

Remember your best race? Everything clicked. You were in a different gear than everyone else. You pointed higher off the start line. You were going faster than the competition. The following day you go to repeat it all, and you just can’t find the same gear.

Smarttune by Cyclops Marine Limited

Professional sailors repeatedly appear to find ‘that gear’, yet the weekend sailor has limited control over what kind of day they will have on the water. 

There are few variables that are directly controllable by the crew, but Four-time Volvo Ocean Race Winner Stu Bannatyne says that “matching forestay tension to the wind and sails is the key to upwind performance.”

So, if a sailor could set their rig up precisely according to the wind and their sails time after time, they would have a massive leg-up on the competition.

The minds at Cyclops have made this a possibility, harnessing the latest technology to create smarttune, a simple-to-install load sensor that accurately measures stay tension in real time, transmitting rig-loads wirelessly to smartphone or boat instruments.

Smarttune installed on a Sunfast 3300

With smarttune you can measure and repeat your fastest settings, control your forestay sag and headsail shape, also your mast bend to manage your mainsail shape as you race for optimal performance in all conditions, on all points of sail.

The load sensor can be swapped in for your existing turn screw in minutes and showing the live rig load on your smartphone seconds later.  

Watch smarttune by Cyclops Marine in action here.

Blur Sailing with smarttune from Cyclops Marine on Vimeo.

Also available in the Smart Range is smartlink

Smartlink by Cyclops Marine Limited

Want to hit the fast loads on any of your rope controls? From sheets to tack lines, vangs to backstays, you could even monitor to your hiking with a toestrap sensor. Repeat the fast settings with smartlink, a sleek, lightweight load sensor that delivers on-board, real time dynamic load measuring. 

As with smarttune, smartlink will wirelessly feed the live load to a mobile application or the boats instruments via NMEA2000 Gateway and cable. 

Cyclops is delighted to be sponsoring the JOG Home Ports Regatta 2020 with Sales Director Tom Pickles and Engineering Internal Will Birch Tomlinson will be competing on board Scream2 and NJOS over the weekend.

Use ‘SMARTJOG’ at checkout and receive FREE installation by a professional rigger with every smarttune purchased from Technical Marine Supplies before 28th August 2020. 

Purchase online here: or email 

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