JOG Week

Short Handed Recording

22 June 2020

Tuesday 30th June 7:30pm

JOG Short Handed Webinar Recorded Session

Click Here to watch the recording of this Webinar

Due to the Corona virus the current racing on offer from all clubs is all shorthanded or family groups. At JOG we thought you might appreciate the chance to pick up some tips from JOG members who regularly race double handed.

Topics will include



Kate Cope: Purple Mist

Kate has been offshore racing since 2016 ,  getting hooked after the 2017 Fastnet campaign. Although she had 6 crew for Fastnet there were only ever 2 on deck so she figured she may as well start racing double handed.  Kate has been JOG racing since 2018 and on the committee since 2019. Highlights in 2019 were completing the 2019 AZAB including rescue of Bigfoot J105 and winning the JOG 2H inshore series. She is currently part of the Magenta project to accelerate women in sailing. Kates races Purple Mist a Sunfast 3200R2 with co-skipper Matt Beecher.... and a couple of penguins.



Deb Fish: Bellino

Deb has been JOG racing since the early 2000s, initially chartering Independent Bear with a crew of 10 reprobates. She started short-handed sailing in 2007, jumping in at the deep end with her first AZAB, and was hooked. Deb owned the sunfast 3200 Exocet for 4 years racing 2h in JOG and solo in SORC. She loves racing offshore, and has completed the Fastnet, Middle Sea Race and Sydney Hobart within the last year. Highlights of her short-handed racing career include winning the SORC championship in 2015, completing SORC’s  round the (Fastnet) rock race, and winning the 2h class in RORC in 2017 & 2019 as coskipper on Rob Craigie’s sunfast 3600 Bellino. Lowlights include hitting a whale, and being awarded Normandie solo’s garden gnome for the biggest mistake in a solo race. Picture is Deb after finishing the 605M solo round the rock race. Deb is definitely not still bitter about finishing 12 minutes behind Jeremy.”


Richard Palmer: Jangada

Richard first started racing with JOG in the mid 1980’s, especially enjoying destinations like Fecamp and St Peter Port. Since then over 60,000nm has passed under the keel.  Moving to 2-handed racing with Jeremy for the 2009 Fastnet he has since raced twice around Britain & Ireland and threes time across the Atlantic, all double-handed.  Still making mistakes and still learning!.


Jeremy Waitt: Jangada/ Lady Penrose

Jeremy has been a watersports fanatic since the age of 13 having been given windsurfing lessons for his 13th Birthday. He is a a professional watersports instructor and equipment tester. Since 2009, he has grown his passion for double and single-handed racing, mainly but not exclusively sailing with Richard Palmer on Jangada. With Circa 30k short-handed sailing he has been ironing out mistakes, though with plenty more to make his favourite phrase is 'every day is a learning day'. Most recently he is nearly famous for falling off a boat mid-Atlantic and can, therefore, give a first-hand account of the salinity of that area as well as what it’s like to have your life flash before your eyes. Richard and Jeremy have won a fair few races and come close on many others. He is the current holder of the 'Anticipation Cup' the annual Single Handed around the Island race for the second time and has won the class trophy three years in a row.   


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