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Captain’s Update Feb 2021

07 February 2021

The sharp eyed of our members will have noticed that the Programme and Notice of Race have been updated and modified with the two May Bank Holiday UK destinations swapped around. This has been done to allow us the longest possible time to accommodate the option to race across Channel at the end of May if this becomes feasible. The Committee have been talking at length about the new season and we will continue to monitor the Covid pandemic requirements as well as the, post Brexit, border issues in France, the roll out of their own vaccination programme and quarantine requirements and the practical issues of clearing in and out of foreign ports. All this requires a crystal ball and we can only apply our best judgement and keep watching all the developments as they unfold.

For the moment, we are still hoping that the first race, the One Sails Lonely Tower, will be able to go ahead. We will keep you all notified. It may be that we will need to put in place some further safety measures, as we did last year, but, again, we will notify through the WhatsApp groups and in the News section as normal.

Our website is in the process of a major update, all going on in the background. Whilst there will not be much obvious change to the content, it will accommodate the latest thinking on the needs for the next few years. It will be faster, more flexible and allow the introduction of a new race officer’s platform for processing results. This does mean that races will not be “on sale” for a few more weeks but we are also waiting to see how any continuing restrictions affect our ability to get out on the water.

For those who have credits from last year, don’t forget that you will find the vouchers at the “checkout” when race entries start to be taken. The JOG shop is open if you want to use any credit on polo shirts or new burgees and battle flags instead. Any un-redeemed balance will still be there until the end of the season.

I’m pleased to report that the regular band of race box volunteers are itching to get back with newly vaccinated protection (we hope) to keep everyone safe. In the meantime, I hope everyone is managing to cope with the health and economic difficulties and I wish you all well, with my fingers firmly crossed for March 20th.

Dougie Leacy


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