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Captain’s Report March 2020

09 March 2020

A happy new racing year (if it’s not too late in March!) to all the JOG Community as we look forward to our 70th anniversary as a warm and friendly club – more on that in a bit. Turning back to a great AGM and Dinner Dance, many of you would have been aware that I, literally, left in great style after an altercation with the floor. Ruth and I were touched by your messages of support. Thank you to Martin, Peter and the team for making it such a great night (by all accounts!)

We recently hosted the Annual JOG Race Officers Dinner at the Island Sailing Club. We had a fantastic evening and were lucky to have Marc and Cathy Giraudon who let us use the start box, and the race team comprising Phil and Ruth Catterall, Margaret Joy, Rosemary Joy, Mike and Maureen Thom, Martin and Ruth Banfield and the indomitable Peter and Sandie Chartres as guests, all of whom have been so kind to JOG. We are blessed to have such a great team who support us from the shore (and committee boat).

The Committee has changed this year and we are thankful to the departing members, Jo Farquhar, Rob Hillman and George Beevor, as we welcome Peter Rutter, Olly Love, Will McGough and Mark Brown. Please speak to any of us at any time and we will endeavour to assist. The Committee have been hard at work and, amongst many changes and innovations, you will notice our new safety regulations check list, updated to reflect the revised regulations but in a JOG format. We will start inspections in Cherbourg and, whilst they will be done in a JOG-like way, we ask that you assist us with this. Safety of our yachts and crew is a key priority for the Committee.

Some other priorities include looking over the horizon at what we need to do as a club to adapt and ensure a prospering future, whilst making sure that we continue to listen to our members and provide a warm welcome wherever we race.

On the safety front – there is quite a significant change coming in the OCR Special regs 2021 – the Committee would like to draw your attention to changes which introduce mandatory keel Inspections. Have a look now so they don’t come as a surprise:[25845].pdf. Martin is looking into possible ways for this to be done with boats out of the water this winter and next. We will update you in due course.

As announced at the AGM, we have also made some changes to the flag signals at the starts this year. Also, look out for a small amendment to the NOR - we have adjusted the banding to make the top of class 2: 1.011 and the bottom of class 1: 1.012. Also, please note the new categorisation of classes for the fleet.

The website continues to evolve and Stuart Lawrence and his team are working wonders with what, I know you will also feel, is a great asset to JOG. Another update is the launch of a member’s directory, in response to the request at the AGM, where you can get in touch with other members securely. However, you need to opt-in to this by going to “Edit My Details” in My JOG and selecting “If I am a member list me in the member's directory”. There is also a Profile Picture tab here where you can upload a picture of yourself to make it easier for people to recognise you. The new “JOG Connect” is a fantastic addition for skippers and crew looking to match or find boats. We have introduced a few limitations to its use to restrict any commercial activity but it’s a brilliant tool.

Our 70th anniversary will be marked by the triangle race – full details can be found here on our mini site:  but it promises to be a wonderful 4/5 days of racing and celebrations at some of our historical venues. A warm welcome awaits. The fleet will depart the Solent on Fri 31 July. 

We have been working closely with our friends at the Royal Southern, Royal London, YC de France and Deauville Yacht Clubs to ensure that our return to Deauville will be a great success for JOG. There are inter-club team prizes to be won so please look at the SI’s in the race documents section as soon as they are posted (just awaiting confirmation from the other clubs!) so you can make arrangements as you see fit! These will be restricted to a max of two teams per club.

Race winners this year will receive a, special edition, backstay class winner’s flag that will be presented, where practical, at the end of each race. The recipients are encouraged to carry their flags for the entire 70th season. These, we feel, will be a novel addition to our racing. Our Anniversary celebrations will be reaching a climax with the AGM and Dinner Dance on the 21st November 2020 at the Macdonald Botley Park Hotel and Spa. Discounted hotel rooms and tickets are already on sale on our website.

Look out for details of the watering holes in the SI’s for the NAB Tower Race. We hope to see you there or in Cherbourg. Have a great start to the season.

Post Script: We are very aware of the health concerns and spread of the Covid 19 virus. At the time of writing, we have no negative directives to our racing plans but we will, of course, give as much relevant information as we can as things continue to develop.

Dougie Leacy


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