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It’s free for everyone to post their details for skippers to find you.  All you need to do is register for MyJOG. You can also see contact details once you are logged into MyJOG.

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All posts must be mainly for JOG races as the intention of this platform is to link Crew and Skippers for JOG races.

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Posts should be courteous and not contain any offensive or derogatory language.

A maximum of 2 posts per skipper and 2 post per crew member are permitted to be “live” at the same time.

You should seek to remove your post as soon as possible once your vacancy is filled. Any that become uncontactable will be removed.

JOG may remove posts without notifying the creator based on the above guidelines.

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Crew looking for boat
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Mary Vaughan-Jones



Looking to get into more racing and improve my sailing. I have 27’000 offshore miles and a couple of thousand in the Solent/Channel. Sailed mainly on 70’ yacht and smaller cruisers so really want to try different boats out. I’m happiest on the bow but pretty competent in most positions on the boat and happy to go anywhere needed.

Looking for crew opportunities
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Edward Nixon



Hi, I am looking for crew opportunities in JOG races. Have experience with offshore cruising, multiple Irish Sea crossings. Hold day skipper qualifications. 28 and quite fit. Thanks, Edward

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