JOG Week

Miles Leaderboard

JOG miles and elapsed hours are attributed to individuals once results are finalised. This is usually within 14 days of a race finish. Miles are approximate, and hours are taken from your race elapsed time.

Miles are only added for races that competitors have finished.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the season to winners of JOG miles and hours. Unlike air miles, you cannot spend these, but they are much harder to accumulate!

Only members that have 'opted in' are eligible to enter JOG miles leaderboards,  if you are not a member, why not join now and become part of the JOG community.

These tables show the Top 50 for the current season.

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Crew Miles Leaderboards

Pos Name Miles
1 Nicola Lount 353
2 Rupert 305
3 Staffan Måhlén 305
4 Fergus Roper 223
5 Nora Kurittu 223
6 Tom Simpson 165
7 James Claxton 133
8 Lidia Trahtman 133
9 Peter Cover 83
10 Lesley Hunt 48

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