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JOG is a yacht club with a difference and steeped in history. Established in 1950 to enable smaller yachts to compete offshore, it organises highly competitive races for IRC rated yachts. Our vibrant yacht club prides itself on its inclusivity and providing organised, competitive yacht racing ensuring long-lasting broad appeal.

JOG runs a full programme every season grouped into an inshore and offshore series. Competitors expect to enjoy a high standard of racing using internationally recognised racing standards. We're a community that shares unique yacht racing experiences and emphasise the social aspect of JOG. We regularly host events and parties after races at ports throughout the evening that deliver live music, exquisite food and reflect on the day's competition.    

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23 September 2020


Captain’s Review and update September 2021

Once again, the JOG sailing season has ended all too soon. We seem to have barely started when it’s suddenly all over. However, we finished with a 40 boat entry for the Final Wrap and there is a race report elsewhere on the website.

This has been an extraordinary year. No one could have foreseen the impact of Covid 19 on our world or our sport until it happened and we have done our utmost to give all our members some testing and worthwhile racing, just as soon as we could. Our membership has risen by 17% and we have acquitted ourselves well financially as will be reported at the AGM. I will save some other pleasing statistics for my Captain’s report at that meeting.

It does not need me to remind you of the rules and guidelines, changing at almost the speed of sound, that thwarted all forms of racing for the first half of the year. But JOG led the field with a massive 140 boat entry list for the Lonely Tower and the subsequent “Covid friendly” races were planned and run with care and a great sense of community awareness and social responsibility. Some of our regular racers, quite rightly, stayed away. Vulnerability issues, responsibilities for families and relatives and personal risk assessments all had to be weighed and considered. We too took these factors into account but hope that those that couldn’t race, as well as those that did,  were understanding of the massive effort involved and supportive of the programme we put in place.

Next year, we are planning a full programme and a return of our usual points series. However, there are still angry clouds on the horizon. The pandemic is currently escalating once more, border issues post Brexit, have yet to be finalised and we have seen sudden self-isolation requirements put in place which would make cross Channel racing a fraught experience, even if allowable. The Flag officers and Committee have decided to plan a principal programme of UK coastal and inshore racing, to the normal Cat 3 and 4 requirements, but with some alternative ,traditional, destinations if developing circumstances and rules make it feasible, sensible and within our stated aim of being socially responsible. We will be publishing the programme as soon as we can. Please support it and the club, even if we all want to return to those venues which have beckoned us so warmly in the past.

For your information, Covid restrictions within the marine industry have slowed down the implementation of new rules requiring a mandatory keel inspection. This has been postponed for at least another year whilst the industry defines who exactly is a “competent person”. Nevertheless, JOG still recommends that you follow the requirement at an opportune moment as boats without keels are not great to be on!

Turning to the AGM for later this year, our rules and constitution require us to hold one before Christmas. The date has already been set as Sat 21st Nov. We will be holding a “virtual” meeting on Zoom and Stuart Lawrence, our IT guru, is making the arrangements. The main panel of Chairman, Captain, Treasurer and Secretary will be there to give reports, as usual, and there will be voting and speaking arrangements in place for all those that need to. Pre-registration will be needed to ensure that only members are represented. All the arrangements will be notified, together with the accounts and reports in plenty of time and in accordance with our rules. The confined and unusual nature of the meeting will limit what  can be contributed and discussed but if you have pressing topics that can only be heard at an AGM, please contact the Secretary in plenty of time for inclusion in AOB.

Perhaps, if physical attendance is not required, we may see some more faces attending this meeting! In any case, I am only too willing to hear directly from any of you if you have useful input or concerns for what we are doing.

Finally, even if you haven’t been able to race, we had engaged Rick Tomlinson, not only to take photos, but also to act as a safety boat during our racing. We owe him an extraordinary vote of thanks and I urge you to visit his website and look at some of the outstanding moments he has captured. I am also sure that he would appreciate your support by buying some.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work of Martin and Ruth and our Race Officers who give so much to JOG. I know you will join me in thanking them for their efforts.

On behalf of the Committee, I wish you all well and please stay safe in the months ahead.


Dougie Leacy Captain


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16 August 2020


Cyclops Marine Sponsor Home Ports Regatta

The Junior Offshore Group announce Cyclope Marine as the title sponsor for The Home Ports Regatta.

Get the edge on the competition at the JOG Home Ports Regatta 2020

Save time on boat set up and hit the fast setting first time every time, with smarttune and smartlink from Cyclops Marine.

smarttune and smartlink are new kids on the block when it comes to wireless load sensors. They bring America’s Cup technology to ordinary sailors and give the edge with repeatable settings which help find and maintain superior speeds. 

Remember your best race? Everything clicked. You were in a different gear than everyone else. You pointed higher off the start line. You were going faster than the competition. The following day you go to repeat it all, and you just can’t find the same gear.

Smarttune by Cyclops Marine Limited

Professional sailors repeatedly appear to find ‘that gear’, yet the weekend sailor has limited control over what kind of day they will have on the water. 

There are few variables that are directly controllable by the crew, but Four-time Volvo Ocean Race Winner Stu Bannatyne says that “matching forestay tension to the wind and sails is the key to upwind performance.”

So, if a sailor could set their rig up precisely according to the wind and their sails time after time, they would have a massive leg-up on the competition.

The minds at Cyclops have made this a possibility, harnessing the latest technology to create smarttune, a simple-to-install load sensor that accurately measures stay tension in real time, transmitting rig-loads wirelessly to smartphone or boat instruments.

Smarttune installed on a Sunfast 3300

With smarttune you can measure and repeat your fastest settings, control your forestay sag and headsail shape, also your mast bend to manage your mainsail shape as you race for optimal performance in all conditions, on all points of sail.

The load sensor can be swapped in for your existing turn screw in minutes and showing the live rig load on your smartphone seconds later.  

Watch smarttune by Cyclops Marine in action here.

Blur Sailing with smarttune from Cyclops Marine on Vimeo.

Also available in the Smart Range is smartlink

Smartlink by Cyclops Marine Limited

Want to hit the fast loads on any of your rope controls? From sheets to tack lines, vangs to backstays, you could even monitor to your hiking with a toestrap sensor. Repeat the fast settings with smartlink, a sleek, lightweight load sensor that delivers on-board, real time dynamic load measuring. 

As with smarttune, smartlink will wirelessly feed the live load to a mobile application or the boats instruments via NMEA2000 Gateway and cable. 

Cyclops is delighted to be sponsoring the JOG Home Ports Regatta 2020 with Sales Director Tom Pickles and Engineering Internal Will Birch Tomlinson will be competing on board Scream2 and NJOS over the weekend.

Use ‘SMARTJOG’ at checkout and receive FREE installation by a professional rigger with every smarttune purchased from Technical Marine Supplies before 28th August 2020. 

Purchase online here: or email 

Keep up date by following Cyclops Marine on Facebook @cyclopsmarine -


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04 August 2020


2020 Season Update

Crew numbers and programme to the end of the season. The Secretary’s update

JOG has led the way with an emphatically successful return to racing, post the Covid Pandemic lockdown, with two well supported coastal races, both of which having a careful regard to health and safety guidelines. Our stated position has been one of caution for our members and the wider community. Whilst we have all seen the rapidly changing scene with Government guidelines and relaxations we now have significant clarification from the RYA who have sought more detailed responses on our behalf. In the sparse few weeks since our Lonely Tower race, the following paper has been circulated by the RYA. Please take a few minutes to follow the link and have a proper read as it is shedding new light on the opportunities to race with somewhat bigger crews.

In the light of this new guidance, and with due regard to what is clearly happening elsewhere, it has been decided to further relax our restrictions to allow a similar number as adopted by other notable clubs, that is to say a maximum number of 6 on board or 2/3rds of the IRC certificate crew numbers, (rounded down where applicable) whichever is the least. This will be our new mandated position unless there are further changes required by Government agencies or our own sailing authorities.

We do wish to emphasise that these are absolute maximums which may not be appropriate for all. Skippers should have due regard to the guidance provided in the link above as well as personal views on vulnerability, disease transmission and all the associated risks. It is most definitely up to each skipper to manage this and to observe and enforce appropriate social distancing in accordance with this document and common sense. In many cases, a non-family group of 5/6 will be deemed excessive on board although, possibly, easier to accommodate on the bigger vessels.

The new details will apply to the Home Ports Regatta and the remaining races for the season.

We have also amended the remaining Programme as follows:

29/30th Aug.    Home Ports Regatta as published.

5th Sept.          Cowes-Owers-Cowes to replace Poole and back weekend. SI’s will be published soon.

19th Sept          Day Coastal race to replace Cherbourg. SI’s will be published soon.

3/4th Oct          Date to be deleted.

We are sad indeed to lose some well established events but, clearly, the opportunity to plan social gatherings and offshore, overnight, racing has conflicted with the practical needs of keeping everyone safe!

Martin Banfield, JOG Secretary


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