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JOG is a yacht club with a difference and steeped in history. Established in 1950 to enable smaller yachts to compete offshore, it organises highly competitive races for IRC rated yachts. Our vibrant yacht club prides itself on its inclusivity and providing organised, competitive yacht racing ensuring long-lasting broad appeal.

JOG runs a full programme every season grouped into an inshore and offshore series. Competitors expect to enjoy a high standard of racing using internationally recognised racing standards. We're a community that shares unique yacht racing experiences and emphasise the social aspect of JOG. We regularly host events and parties after races at ports throughout the evening that deliver live music, exquisite food and reflect on the day's competition.    

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12 May 2020


Sailing Update 13th May 2020

Since my last update, we have seen the first glimmer of some relaxation of the lockdown rules which are having a major impact on all our lives. Just yesterday, we had notification that the Hamble River Authority will now permit owners to access their boats and, indeed, can go out sailing with family members only. This has not yet been adopted by neighbouring Authorities. Cowes Harbour, most marinas and the majority of waterside facilities remain no go areas. We continue to watch developments carefully.

Further afield, the Irish sailing authorities are looking into ways of observing safety issues on board with mixed crews and are trying to move things towards a resumption of racing. It is much easier to address this with dinghies and small boats but they are looking at bigger keel boats with a view to specifying safe crew numbers for different length boats, amongst other things. Similarly, the RYA have just issued some guidelines to clubs so that when permitted, there may be a transition from lockdown to limited use of club facilities. Certainly, in America, there have been a small number of clubs permitting dinghy racing and, nearer to home, there are positive messages for the Vendee Globe, Lonely Rock race and other events though, in every case, the same message of “subject to the rules and practicality” are being extolled.

All this is exciting and frustrating in equal measure as, in fact, it doesn’t provide any comprehensive framework for JOG to start a re-plan of the rest of the season. What does look most likely is that cross Channel races may not be possible for the foreseeable future but Coastal racing, returning to your home port, may not be too far away.

The General Committee had a virtual meeting just last night with every member “in attendance”. We are looking at various matters of policy and organisation, discussing programme opportunities and even the longer term prospects for sailing. The club is in good heart and I share the frustrations that everyone is feeling with the recent spell of excellent weather and Bank Holidays galore!

Our virtual regattas have gained some traction and although my personal results reflect my intent to give everyone else a strong chance, I hope that this sort of interaction will help to foster our continued esprit de corps. My thanks, as ever, to the organisers and competitors.

Whilst I don’t have anything entirely new to say, please keep safe and we will keep you up to date with all changes that may bring us nearer to normality.

Dougie Leacy, Captain


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21 April 2020


Captain’s update 22nd April 2020

As I sit at my desk thinking about JOG and all of you, it’s members, I realise just how well positioned we are, as a club, to deal with this international health and economic crisis. JOG carries no significant debt, runs no headquarters nor multiple employees relying on us for their wages. We have preserved sufficient resource over the years to cover, with some prudence, our costs until we resume racing, however long that may be away. 

The Flag Officers and Secretary had a video conference last night to consider the “state of the nation”. We continue to watch all the health commentary, guidance from the RYA and the actions from sailing clubs and associations, locally and worldwide. It is pretty obvious that opinion varies on the timing of any resumption to normality.  

JOG will resume racing when it is legally and socially  responsible. We have all the dates and programme in place and have the flexibility to substitute offshore to coastal racing and can reschedule lost races into our published race dates if that is a possible option. Indeed, we have looked at the viability of just running a Coastal series if that is the best option.  

We will be holding a conference call Committee meeting soon to continue with our planning options and our normal business. 

As your Captain, I promise that we will manage things as best we can. If you haven’t seen it on social media, we are trying out some “virtual” sailing on the net. If it’s supported, we will continue with this so that there is, at least, some member interaction. My thanks to Ross for organising and promotion! 

We are still looking at our AGM and ball arrangements, but we don’t expect to make any decisions for a while.  

We see other clubs announcing rearranged dates such as Cowes Week and the Round the Island Race. We definitely understand the financial challenges faced by the need to manage sponsors and the running of the clubs but, without those pressures, we are better placed to avoid committing prematurely to such announcements. We will keep our existing dates in place and will let you know as soon as we can see that it is safe to do so. We are as keen as everyone to go racing!  

We have already notified every race entrant that we have put in place a voucher credit so that entry fees can be used for the future but I reiterate that if personal circumstances dictate, the Secretary will have a sympathetic ear if refunds are needed. Finally, in this update, may I just wish you all well, keep safe and I’m at your call by email, as is our Secretary, even if you just want a chat. 

Dougie Leacy 


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23 March 2020


Colin Mudie

Colin Mudie, designer of Sopranino and close friend of our founder Patrick Ellam

The Captain and Committee have been notified of the death of Colin Mudie, fellow Transatlantic sailor with Patrick and designer of Sopranino. Colin supported our 60th Anniversary gathering and his speech is still on our website with a photo in “JOG History” It’s worth a listen!

An obituary has been published here:

In the current climate, funeral arrangements will be restricted to family only but we hope to give details of a memorial service in due course.
Our condolences go to his family and friends on the passing of an incredible character and benefactor of JOG.


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