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20 April 2021


Crewsaver Lymington to Cowes Race

Crewsaver has come on board to officially sponsor the JOG Lymington to Cowes, taking place on Sunday 19th September 2021. Make sure you reserve your spot.

Crewsaver is a world leading designer and manufacturer of lifejackets and sailing equipment and works closely with the RNLI and with the Military and Emergency Services. Not only is Crewsaver a fantastic brand to have onboard but most importantly it reminds us of the importance of staying safe whilst racing.

Winners of each class will receive a Crewsaver Crewfit+ 180N Pro lifejacket on the day, ideal for JOG racing.

We will be running a competition with the chance of winning a Crewfit+ 180N Pro later this year so keep your eyes peeled on JOG’s social media accounts.


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13 April 2021


JOG Racing Update April 2021

Crew limits:  As Covid relaxations continue to evolve, we are pleased to say that we are removing the special restrictions on crew numbers for the upcoming races. The standard limits will apply as defined in the annual Notice of Race, to which you should refer if in any doubt. Nonetheless, individual skippers may wish to exercise their own discretion, everyone should continue to follow national guidelines and advice from the RYA. JOG also encourages the use of the free lateral flow tests which are easily and readily available Whilst these won’t guarantee protection, they are an additional tool to help avoid the risk of transmission.

Amendments to the Sailing Instructions are now available online at

The Salcombe Gin, Sopranino Race:  (Cowes - Owers – Cowes, Sat 1st May)

This race incorporates a classic JOG course out to Owers, starting and finishing in Cowes, to allow all competitors the opportunity to return to their home port. The course will be a satisfying change to something with a more “offshore” nature. Entries are open and the weather will be brilliant, of course! As a bonus, our excellent sponsors, Salcombe Gin, will be providing bottles of Salcombe Gin Start Point (or Rosé Sainte Marie), in addition to the most generous gin hamper, already awarded to our lucky caption winner on our social media earlier this month.

Highfield Honda Home Ports weekend: Is setup for two days of excellent racing from Cowes. Entries are welcome for both, or single, days to suit and the results all count towards the annual points series.

The Sailing Instructions are in the Programme alongside the race dates. Rick Tomlinson will be accompanying the fleet to get some more excellent photos of JOG boats in action.

General News: By the end of May Bank Holiday, restrictions allowing, the Roadmap will permit gatherings of up to 30 people outside and we can, at long last, look forward to a destination race.

We will be hosted by Portland marina, and hope that as many of you as possible will help to make this a really good classic JOG weekend. We can’t hold a massive party but interaction between boats will be permissible and our sponsors, Exposure Lights, will make sure that we have prizes and refreshments available for distribution. The SI’s will be on the website soon.

And finally, thanks to everyone for your support. We can’t wait for the first get together!


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05 April 2021


Captain’s News April 2021

After seemingly endless months of the winter and Covid uncertainty, JOG finally got off to a brilliant season opener with the One Sails Lonely Tower race followed by the Easter Sunday Great Escape Inshore Challenge. JOG led the way with by far the largest Solent races since last year and the first large race post the latest lockdown, with near 80 boats on Good Friday, whilst complying with the continuing Pandemic guidelines. And what events! Great racing, great weather and a great turnout. It is certain that all our competitors enjoyed themselves and it goes without saying that we are doing our utmost to provide the best experience we can. JOG has a Committee and Flag Officers that strive for perfection but settle for excellence and, as Captain, I thank them for their endeavours. Our new members area and website is the result of immeasurable hours of work and the foreshortened launch resulted in a couple of glitches but a much simplified and improved experience with incredible live results for everyone to see them rolling in. By the way, we have had incredible support from the hidden, but essential, nameless background developers who have burnt the midnight oil to get it all up and running. However, the bottom line is that we provide friendly, economic and exciting racing for some of the best sailors around and it’s all down to our members. Long may JOG prosper and our thanks to our sponsors for helping to make it happen. If you have any doubts, look at our, ever improving, members benefits to see how you can get the best from a very modest membership subscription.

In light of the latest government announcement on free covid lateral tests for all, we are continually reviewing our crew number limits for our next set of races and may provide updated guidance on this in the near future.

Please have a look at our upcoming programme and get your entries in. The season may still be limited by restrictions and problems but we will continue to provide the best racing we can achieve.

We have some destination racing planned and booked if the Roadmap dates will accommodate it and we will keep everyone informed as things continue to evolve and change.

Rick Tomlinson zoomed around the course on Good Friday and there are some really great photos on his website if you want to have a look:

I, for one, can’t wait for the Salcombe Gin, Sopranino race as we start the next May Bank Holiday.

As always if you need anything please just contact us. We are here for our members.

Dougie Leacy, Captain


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10 March 2021


Webinar Series Episode 3

You can now veiw the recording of the JOG Webinar Series Episode 3

This covers:

· Tips to improve your routing strategy both manual routing and with different software (Eg Expedition and Simsail).

· How to get the best weather and tidal inputs to your routing.

The following documents are available from this webinar:

Expedition Weather Routing Checklist

Manual Routing Spreadsheet

Tips and Tricks

JOG Routing Strategy, Software & Models Episode Three


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26 February 2021


Racing Update 26th Feb 2021

Racing Update from the Captain, 26th February 2021

The, much heralded, Roadmap out of Lockdown has been announced and the JOG Flag Officers and Committee members have considered it in some detail. A degree of interpretation is needed, of course, and we have always stated that we would preserve social responsibility whilst doing our best to achieve a sensible racing programme.

The good news is that we can see some real progress with the roll out of the vaccinations and there are some dates to work around, albeit that there are caveats which could cause dates to slip. For this reason, we will not be making any announcements on the latter part of the season, post the end of May, whilst we see how things develop. Like last year when the changes were coming thick and fast, we expect that there will be further commentary and advice which may influence our plans.

We have published an amended programme on the website. Suffice it to say that the One Sails Lonely Tower race is postponed from the 20th March as we do not see any latitude to allow us to race at all.  It is re-scheduled for Friday 2nd April (Good Friday) followed by a further race on Easter Sunday.  

Similarly, the Roadmap does not give scope for overnight stays on board for non-family groups until at least 17th May so, regrettably, we are staging only Inshore day races until then to allow you to return to your home port as appropriate. Our Easter destination to Eastbourne and the early May Bank Holiday venues have been exchanged as you will see in the new programme.

Race entry will be available on our website from 8th March, by which times our slick new amendments to the systems will be in place.

We will be publishing new Sailing Instructions soon and will be putting a crew limitation in place of a maximum of 6, irrespective of family group considerations, for the early season racing until 21st June at the earliest, pending any further Governmental instructions or guidance from the RYA or external sources. 

Please have a good look at the SI’s when they appear for any other particular requirements such as we introduced last year to avoid the unnecessary call out of the Emergency Services. However, at this stage, we are planning to resume our more normal check list requirements with no additions.

With the changes to the Cat 3 races, we are also amending the Notice of Race to change the Series Points requirements. The Inshore Series will have a higher number of races and the Offshore Series a smaller number so we have changed the number of discards. The detail is in the amended NoR.

For those of you who are struggling to get to work on your boats with a variety of Yard restrictions in place, the date changes will at least give a little more elbow room and we hope that we will see as many of you as possible out on the water. If you are “arm chair sailing”, we at least have some new member’s benefits to console you!

As ever, the Secretary and myself are happy to hear from you if you need more guidance or information and I wish everyone well.

Dougie Leacy


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07 February 2021


Captain’s Update Feb 2021

The sharp eyed of our members will have noticed that the Programme and Notice of Race have been updated and modified with the two May Bank Holiday UK destinations swapped around. This has been done to allow us the longest possible time to accommodate the option to race across Channel at the end of May if this becomes feasible. The Committee have been talking at length about the new season and we will continue to monitor the Covid pandemic requirements as well as the, post Brexit, border issues in France, the roll out of their own vaccination programme and quarantine requirements and the practical issues of clearing in and out of foreign ports. All this requires a crystal ball and we can only apply our best judgement and keep watching all the developments as they unfold.

For the moment, we are still hoping that the first race, the One Sails Lonely Tower, will be able to go ahead. We will keep you all notified. It may be that we will need to put in place some further safety measures, as we did last year, but, again, we will notify through the WhatsApp groups and in the News section as normal.

Our website is in the process of a major update, all going on in the background. Whilst there will not be much obvious change to the content, it will accommodate the latest thinking on the needs for the next few years. It will be faster, more flexible and allow the introduction of a new race officer’s platform for processing results. This does mean that races will not be “on sale” for a few more weeks but we are also waiting to see how any continuing restrictions affect our ability to get out on the water.

For those who have credits from last year, don’t forget that you will find the vouchers at the “checkout” when race entries start to be taken. The JOG shop is open if you want to use any credit on polo shirts or new burgees and battle flags instead. Any un-redeemed balance will still be there until the end of the season.

I’m pleased to report that the regular band of race box volunteers are itching to get back with newly vaccinated protection (we hope) to keep everyone safe. In the meantime, I hope everyone is managing to cope with the health and economic difficulties and I wish you all well, with my fingers firmly crossed for March 20th.

Dougie Leacy


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07 February 2021


Salcombe Gin Sopranino Race

Salcombe Gin, distilled & crafted by Salcombe Distilling Co. (SDCo.), has come on board to officially sponsor the JOG Sopranino Race which will be taking place over the first May Bank Holiday weekend in 2021. It will start on Friday 30th April, so make sure you reserve your spot.

They will be handing out parcels to every participating boat as they arrive into Dartmouth, come day or night, and will also have some spectacular prizes lined up for those that win. 

In the meantime, they are offering all JOG members an exclusive 15% discount off Salcombe Gin products (excludes vouchers, staycations, experiences and botanical prints) which you will find on the membership benefit page. 

Finally, we will be running a competition with them offering you the chance to win a luxury Salcombe Gin ‘Start Point’ Hamper, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media page and emails for details on how to enter. 

If for any reason we cannot go to Dartmouth, the event will still go ahead but will be altered to cater for any COVID-related considerations. The JOG committee will continue to keep you updated on the matter.


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14 January 2021


Tony Short

Longstanding member Tony Short sadly passed away on 30th December. Tony had been racing International 14’s when Julian Cochrane introduced him to keelboats in the early 80s. He soon after bought an H Boat, Zadig, that he raced in JOG from 1984, also competing with her as far afield as Scandinavia. He owned a further H Boat Hesperus and then moved on, in 1997, to Aquila a Dehler 28 which he campaigned until 2006 when he sold her to George Gerwitz, another JOG stalwart.

Tony kept sailing on Aquila with George until 2014, when he retired from racing aged 84. By then, not only had he acquitted himself admirably in racing but his longstanding support for JOG had resulted in the Committee of 2009 recognising his contribution and made him an Honorary Member.

Tony retired to the family run pub in Kirk Ireton, The Barley Mow Inn.


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25 November 2020


Webinar Series Episode 2

JOG Webinar Series Episode 2 Sails and Ratings Recording

You can now view the recording of webinar below:

The Live Questions and answers can be seen by downloading the following pdf:

IRC Ratings:  

The IRC process:
How to smoothly get an IRC certificate and short handed certificate
Upcoming IRC rule changes in 2021 on headsails and poles
Pointers to get the best from your IRC rating  

Dr Jason Smithwick (Director of Rating RORC Rating Office @RORC Rating Office)
Jason has a doctorate in Naval Architecture and continued working at Southampton University, as a Principal Engineer & Software Manager. He was Technical and Offshore Director at sailing's international federation, known today as World Sailing.

Making the most of your current sails: 

How to optimise your sails for easier manoeuvres/ shorthanded sailing
Sails to cover a wider range of conditions
Optimising your sails for better ratings

Kevin Sproul (Owner and Technical Director at Ultimate Sails @Ultimate Sails)
Kevin has been in sail making for over 30years. As a sought after tactician and helm, Kevin has been successful nationally and internationally winning multiple World, European and National Championships in One designs such as the Swan 45, Farr 40, Soto 40, J111, Mumm 30, Melges 24 and J80’s

Sail Care and Repairs: 

How to make your sails last longer and Sail repairs

Nicky Octon (Owner @NJO Sails Ltd)

Nicky worked for Doyle’s sails for 14 years before taking over their former loft at Shamrock Quay. NJO sails provides high quality sails and sail repairs.

JOG 2021 Racing Calendar

Kate Cope, JOG Committee and Webinar Host


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