Race Rules

JOG racing is conducted under JOG General Conditions.

Notice of Race

Competitors are invited to enter JOG races who have a valid IRC Rating Certificate and comply fully with World Sailing Regulations 20.5.1, 20.6.3, 20.7 and IRC Rule 2017 Parts A, B & D 26.1 (Advertising not permitted).

With the permission of the IRC Rating Authority, IRC 8.2 is modified to include GBR boats holding Limited Validity IRC TCCs.


  • Class 1  1.012 to 1.200 TCC *
  • Class 2  0.970 to 1.011 TCC *
  • Class 3  0.969 TCC and below

A yacht may, with written permission from the Committee, enter and race in the Class above her rating using the lowest rating of that Class. This must be for the whole season.

All yachts must comply with JOG General Conditions, JOG Prescriptions (see NoR) and World Sailing Special Regulations; specifically:

– Category 3 plus liferaft (as Category 2) in all other races except 1, 5, 6, 10, 13,14, 15, and 16 where Category 4 plus safety harnesses (as Category 3) will be sufficient.

* Amendment made on 06/03/2020