Race Rules

JOG racing is conducted under JOG General Conditions. The rules are outlined in the Notice of Race and special attention should be given to the JOG Class rule on Advertising. Detailed below and in the Notice of Race.

Notice of Race


All Yachts shall comply with both World Sailing Regulation 20 and the JOG Class rule on advertising as permitted by Rule 87 of the Racing Rules of Sailing 2021 -2024. In case of conflict between the JOG Class Rule on Advertising and the rules of a System in respect of the right to display Advertising, the JOG Class rule on advertising shall prevail as follows:

JOG Class Rule

Yachts are prohibited from carrying advertising. However, yachts representing the following categories of organisations are permitted to carry advertising for their organisation only:

Sailing schools
Academic institutions
Charter companies
Armed Forces

This class rule does not permit advertising for other organisations.

Each organisation represented must be correctly registered and recognised with the appropriate authority within their category. For example, a charity must be a bona fide registered charity.

Entrants seeking exemption should notify JOG by selecting the appropriate option in MyJOG when making their race entry, specifying their organisation type.

JOG may require competitors to carry event advertising under rule 20.4 of World Sailing Regulation 20. Such materials will be provided and specified in the sailing instructions.

Rule 20.7 Manufacturer’s and Sailmaker’s Marks are permitted.

JOG reserves the right to refuse or withdraw an entry at its sole discretion if it is decided that the spirit of the rule is not being adhered to.

* Amendment made on 06/09/2021