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JOG Race Destinations

JOG race to lots of interesting places, and whilst there is usually a "designated watering hole" to meet up with other JOGgers and swap post-race stories, there are other things to do / places to go too. Here's some info to get you started:


cherbourg destination JOG


Famous cross Channel port with regular sailings from Portsmouth - stock up on quality wine, beer and cheese at the supermarket Carrefour which is close enough to walk to from the marina, or enjoy steak-frites at the Cherbourg yacht club. There's often a funfair in Cherbourg during our Easter weekend races there which have always provided a great source of entertainment for JOGgers too. You will need to buy a "jeton" for the showers, available from the reception in the well equipped modern block.


Home of the famous Maison Gosselin delicatessen (they'll even deliver wine/shopping to the pontoon). The shower block is close to the marina gates and you will need to buy a "jeton" available from the reception, the showers may not be great in number but the water is usually hot. St Vaast is a delightful small town with an assortment of quayside bars and restaurants which offer great seafood, and plenty of boulangerie close to the marina for croissants before you leave!

st vaast destination JOG
deauville destination JOG


A smart and chic resort widely frequented by Parisians, (it's also known as the 21st arrondissement - sunglasses required at all times, rain or shine!) If your kit bag permitted a DJ you can visit the casino, there's restaurants galore with delicious traditional Norman cuisine both in Deauville and a short walk away in Trouville. There's often a lovely market on Sunday mornings so you can stock up on provisions for the journey home. The Deauville yacht club welcomes JOGgers warmly.


Famous for its local Benedictine liqueur (the Benedictine Palace/factory is well worth a visit), the Fecamp yacht club is always very hospitable - rather more so than the seas over the bar can be.

fecamp destination JOG
alderney destination JOG


One of the closest and welcoming yacht clubs you will find, with a great variety of local restaurants and some great duty free bargains to be had. In Alderney the fleet pick up water moorings so don't forget to check what time the last water taxi leaves before you head off for dinner


Always a favourite of the JOG fleet, there's a wide choice of restaurants close to the marina and there's still a mid-day gun salute on Sundays at the Castle which is fun to watch.The Guernsey Yacht Club has a large deck which is a fine place to enjoy a drink on a sunny day.

stpeter destination JOG
stmalo destination JOG


Home of the French Corsairs in a rebuilt walled city. Fantastic local restaurants all around the walls, and a beautiful place to stay in the old port alongside the walls and yacht club.


A picturesque old port in Southern Brittany offering a selection of fine restaurants with fantastic seafood, a fish market that's well worth visiting and the supermarket is close enough to the marina to walk to if you need supplies.

TRINITE destination JOG

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