JOG Week

The starting point for this is to log in to MyJOG and Click On My Crew Locker. You should Invite each crew member using the button there.

This will send them an email and they can click and register their emergency contact details and accept your invitation.

Once the invitation is accepted, you will see them in My Crew Locker with a status showing as accepted.

You can then navigate to My Race Entries and Manage your race entry. You will see any accepted in the list of available crew members and can press add against each one. This will add them to your race crew list.

Note: Each crew member must register their emergency contact details as well as Navigate to Boat Invitations and accept your invitation.

You can change how your skipper/Owners name is displayed on the results and who's entered page by logging into your MyJOG account and click on Edit my Details.

Note that if you are a co-owner, you need to be the person who added the race entries initially for this to take effect.

For races that permit a non-spinnker rating, you can opt to race without a spinnaker and take advantage of your non-spinnaker rating.

Log into your MyJOG account and navigate to My Race Entries. Select Manage Race Entry on the entry you wish to change.

In the Edit Race Entry Details box you can select the option Use my non-spinnaker rating. (See Below)

You must press the update Button.

Your IRC rating will update automatically. You must check the Who's Entered Page as this may have the result of changing your Class. 

If you wish to enter as double handed, navigate to My Race Entries and click manage on the race entry that you wish to flag. You should select "Yes" to the Double Handed option and be sure to select Update.

When you manage you race entries in My Race Entries, you need to ensure that your “Mobile for Race Alerts” and “Email for Race Alerts” is correctly completed. You can also add an alternative Mobile and Email if you wish to include a second person on the notifications.

Approximately 5 days prior to the race start, JOG will email the nominated addresses with a check sheet identifying any incomplete information on your entry. This will also include a link for you to use for your race declaration.

On the morning of the race, JOG will send the listed phone numbers a text which will include a mobile friendly link to make your declaration.

Both the email and text take you to the same link. This should be completed as soon as possible after you have crossed the line.

You time will be used on the Live Results page until the race officers submit their time for you.

A voucher can be used against race entries.

You can see this by Navigating to “Enter Races” in your MyJOG account. The voucher balance is shown on the left-hand side.

You can redeem any amount remaining by entering races and selecting the voucher/s that you wish to use from the basket.

If the amount you have on the voucher is not enough, you can part pay with a voucher. If the voucher exceeds the value of the purchase, the outstanding amount will remain in credit for you to use for a future purchase. 

The Double Handed option on a boat is used as a default option each time you create a new race entry. If you have already entered a race before setting this option, you must navigate to My Race Entries and manage the individual entry. You should flag the race entry as double handed as the boat option only takes effect when you enter a new race.

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