JOG Week

Tags display on the Who’s Entered list and results against each boat. You can click on a tag here to filter the entries and results by the Tag.

For example, if you click on a Tag in results named #J109, you will then see the results ranked for just the boats using the J109 tag.

A skipper or owner can add up to 3 tags by logging into MyJOG and navigating to My Boats. Click on “Edit Boat” and then scroll down to the tags section at the bottom of the page.

You can see a list of tags already used ordered by their popularity or create your own to express yourself.

For security reasons, if you wish to change your email addess linked to your MyJOG account, please email

Members have to opt-in to be listed in the members directory.

Navigate to the Edit My Details Section in MyJOG and select the option “If I am a member list me in the member's directory”. 

Members can also add a profile picture of themselves.

If you have a Co-Skipper you can send them and invote to manage all aspects of your race entry, crew and boat. Log into your MyJOG account and selectr Linked Accounts. From here, you can invite a Co-Owner and once they accept, they will have access to manage these aspects of your account.

Note membership discount eligibility is based on the membership level of the person entering races irrespective of your membership level.

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